So you want to fly a quadrocopter?

Feel the rush  holding on with white knuckles, tongue poking out, fixed on your expensive machine as it pulls an awesome maneuver. Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!


This is how we recommend to learn how to fly


Start on a flight simulator. It is much cheaper to crash this way and will give you the basic skills needed to control a real craft.


The cheapest and most basic is ESky.






Once your happy you can hover and control the craft then buy a Ufo 5



Ufo 5 Quadrocopter




A UFO 5 costs around $300 and is a basic quadrocopter. This machine should to be flown indoors as it is sensitive to wind. Dont go crazy blasting up the throttle and losing control. Relax… just try to push the throttle up enough to glide on the floor and learn to control the yaw and directions. Once your confident with this then take it off the ground still keep it close. Always keep the back facing you  otherwise you will get confused about what your controls will do.

So now you can hover and control your Ufo 5 Quadrocopter well. Great now its time to buy a real machine.

A word about learning to fly.

Excellence is about stepping outside your comfort zone, training with passion.  Progress is built in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure. The quadrocopter pilots paradox.. So think of mishaps as an essential experience to your learning. Learn from it and keep flying!!


If we have inspired you to fly from the footage we have shot then buy your machine from us. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with these machines as your getting the benefit from our experience of producing professional quality aerial video using these machines to full capabilities. We are constantly refining our systems and are at the forefront of using the latest technologies.