The Mikrokopter Octocopter: $11,800 AUD

The industry standard for professional aerial video. It is the most stable and has the highest payload capacity.


The Mikrokopter Octocopter is the ideal platform for DSLR’s and digital video camera’s up to 2Kg’s in weight

The payload is divided between batteries and camera. So longer flight times can be achieved by using more batteries and a lighter camera


The Mikrokopter Octocopter on Droidworx XL frame system includes:

Photohigher AV200 2 axis camera gimbal

Futaba 8FG with Jeti telemetry box

Droidworx extended landing gear



FPV setup including long-range transmitter and receiver, Sony WDR600 standard definition miniature camera

GPS, navigation controller and digital compass installed enabling position hold, return to home and way-point navigation

Lithium polymer battery charger with power supply

2 x Nanotech high discharge Lipo 5000mAh 4S battery

This package is customisable, Please contract Chris@extremeaerials.com to discuss all the options.